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Autepra is IT systems integrator, delivering IT and Automation projects for container terminals and ports. Our team analyze, design, consult, manage, produce, build, connect, train and support in delivery of a turn-key solutions.


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Get ready to face growing market challenges

Our solutions are not about making things automated, but about performance improvement and business processes optimization that come as a total package of automation project benefits. By choosing AUTEPRA , you’ll always get the best results with optimal value and cost ratio. In every project, AUTEPRA ’s team aims to exceed customer expectations.

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Systems integration

Day-to-day terminal operations are supported by an amount of systems, modules, hardware and software components. Creating a tightly integrated System of Systems is a complex challenge requiring deep knowledge in engineering, project management, competence, experience and entrepreneurship.

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Gate Operating System

Brings paperless fast and safe container receipt & dispatch that requires no gate clerk, tallyman or train walker attendance in any type of delivery whether via road, rail or quay.

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Asset Management System

Tracks every single move and status in the terminal, completes data entry tasks for the driver so he can fully concentrate on his main duty - safely moving the container. Automated data collection and seamless reporting to TOS eliminates operational mistakes, measures and logs performance data.

Communicate, track, operate transparently

The terminal may look like a twilight zone if you don’t know what’s going on inside (and many still do not know). Identification, tracking, positioning and real-time performance management are the most powerful tools for making the best decisions and planning day-to-day activities.

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Meet the person

ID card, PIN code, various biometric readers such as fingerprint or hand scanners are used to identify the person, communicate with him directly and provide valuable and timely feedback.

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Get to know your cargo

Get to know truck, container and cargo while it is still approaching a terminal – vehicle license plate, container ID, hazard markings (IMO, ADR placards), seal presence are recognized on-the-go while the object is approaching the terminal by road, rail or quay. OCR technology reaching 98% accuracy replaces the human eye.

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Determine position

Fleet tracking and container positioning technologies such as D-GPS, RTLS and RFID attain positioning accuracy of up to 30cm – this enables the exact position of every item to be known. 

Feel safe and control access to everything

Supply chains including inland terminals and vessels are at high risk of threat. Physical and virtual threats must be considered every day. Risk assessment, proper security systems and measures must be put in place to minimize external threats.

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Access control

ISPS compliant access control controls access of every single person to the high-security port/terminal area – employees, authorities (port authority, customs, border guard), drivers, visitors, service and maintenance companies – entering by any means (truck, passenger car, pedestrian or bicycle). 

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Highest security levels

To ensure the highest level of safety, we use powerful Oracle/MS SQL based database access control engines, integrated signal processing from other security systems, such as Radiometric Alarm (nuclear leakage) detectors, X-Ray scanners.

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Personnel safety

The container terminal is one of the most dangerous industrial areas – the fewer people moving, the safer they are – with automated data recognition, driver self-service kiosks, guidance systems and tracking there is no more need for the truck drivers to leave the truck cabin or yard operator spend hours collecting data in the yard.

Be mobile, stay connected

Nowadays everybody and everything is mobile, must be connected and update status online immediately. Nobody needs to think where or how to connect any more, connection everywhere and always became our inherent need.

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Latest technologies

When delivering a project we always use the latest available technologies in area and line scan cameras, modern laser scanners, networking and server environments, mobile computers, positioning devices, energy saving LED lights. 

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Wireless connectivity

Mobile connectivity is a critically important infrastructure component of today’s container terminals. 802.11ac standard MESH WiFi, Super WiFi provides highest data throughput and security, while 4G LTE networks are utilized as backup or primary networks.

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Challenging environments

Container terminals operate 24x7 in any conditions. All solutions delivered to port are expected to work reliably and withstand any environmental conditions from freezing cold to extreme heat, dry deserts to heavy rains and cyclones.