Feel safe and control access to everything

Supply chains including inland terminals and vessels are at high risk of threat. Physical and virtual threats must be considered every day. Risk assessment, proper security systems and measures must be put in place to minimize external threats.

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Access control

ISPS compliant access control controls access of every single person to the high-security port/terminal area – employees, authorities (port authority, customs, border guard), drivers, visitors, service and maintenance companies – entering by any means (truck, passenger car, pedestrian or bicycle).

Manage permissions in any way you need – time intervals, driver + car cross check, security clerk confirmation. Provide security staff with convenient and easy to use tools – real time events reporting and monitoring on screen of desk PC or mobile tablet anywhere in the terminal. Enable one-click driving rules enforcement by simply scanning the ID card of a driver who has breached the rules with a mobile tablet computer anywhere in the terminal.

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Highest security levels

To ensure the highest level of safety, we use powerful Oracle/MS SQL based database access control engines, integrated signal processing from other security systems, such as Radiometric Alarm (nuclear leakage) detectors, X-Ray scanners.

Access control systems perform automated dangerous cargo reporting to border guards and port security. Different security policies are applied to meet customer needs – front and rear license plates, vehicle RFID tag, ID card, ID card + PIN code, ID card and biometrical reader. The access control system is constantly monitored by software guard.

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Personnel safety 

The container terminal is one of the most dangerous industrial areas – the fewer people moving, the safer they are – with automated data recognition, driver self-service kiosks, guidance systems and tracking there is no more need for the truck drivers to leave the truck cabin or yard operator spend hours collecting data in the yard.

Continuous tracking of cranes, vehicles and personnel allows the driver to be alerted when a person is in dangerous proximity to the vehicle or even stop the vehicle automatically to avoid personnel injury or death. Integrated HSS modules block terminal access to persons who have not attended HSS trainings or have not passed a HSS exam.

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Crane access

Set up driver profile and skills to manage driver access to cranes and vehicles. Every vehicle in the terminal can be started only by inserting an authorized driver ID card. Get each driver’s performance measurements on top of prevention of unauthorized container handler usage.

Vehicle access control is also used by the maintenance team when performing crane maintenance, repair or tests. No more improper or unauthorized operation of cranes and vehicles.

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Data protection 

Employee’s, driver’s and visitor’s personal data is collected in order to issue and manage entrance permissions. Our systems complies with EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Data is locked in safely protected databases, with zero or minimal external data exchange. Secure protocols are used in case of external data exchange (e.g. HSS training system integration).