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Our solutions are not about making things automated, but about performance improvement and business processes optimization that come as a total package of automation project benefits. By choosing AUTEPRA , you’ll always get the best results with optimal value and cost ratio. In every project, AUTEPRA ’s team aims to exceed customer expectations.

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Systems integration

Day-to-day terminal operations are supported by an amount of systems, modules, hardware and software components. Creating a tightly integrated System of Systems is a complex challenge requiring deep knowledge in engineering, project management, competence, experience and entrepreneurship.

While delivering a new system AUTEPRA ’s team solves integration tasks of varying difficulty. Modern systems are more open for integration, but there is plenty of older equipment or systems which are much more complicated to integrate – it’s our job to meet your current needs and sustain them in the future. AUTEPRA  is very familiar with Navis, Tideworks, Autostore and Solvo TOS systems, among others.

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Gate operating system

Brings paperless fast and safe container receipt & dispatch that requires no gate clerk, tallyman or train walker attendance in any type of delivery whether via road, rail or quay.

Gate Operating System uses state of the art identification technologies, deep learning and artificial neural networks to identify the container and its markings, track a truck, and interact with the driver to grant or deny access. Sophisticated GOS system uses intelligent components located on road, rail, portals, cranes or spreaders.

We prepared some cool videos for you:
STS crane OCR system
Gate system fly-through 

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Asset management system 

Tracks every single move and status in the terminal, completes data entry tasks for the driver so he can fully concentrate on his main duty - safely moving the container. Automated data collection and seamless reporting to TOS eliminates operational mistakes, measures and logs performance data.

Precisely accurate data empowers KPI and BI systems to slice and dice terminal operational performance up to any single asset level. Proper planning with exhaustive feedback and preventive maintenance are the keys to avoiding congestions or idleness due to equipment failures and to reach the highest level of performance with the right operators during demanding periods.



Ubiquitous computing, IoT, remote monitoring and control depend on reliable connectivity through the entire terminal facility. Regardless of whether it is wired – fiber optical, copper – or wireless – WiFi, 4G LTE or any latest generation network to be utilized – we will design and deliver thorough communication layer enabling you to exceed the boundaries.

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Service support & maintenance 

Each of our projects ends with system go-live and transitions to the active support & maintenance stage. AUTEPRA ’s support team provides 24x7 support with very fast response times by answering questions, resolving issues or adopting new functions and features. Various service plans are adopted with every customer starting with an extended warranty to 3 or 5 years with a “no questions” policy, to quarterly site visits to perform routine maintenance of hardware.