Be mobile, stay connected

Nowadays everybody and everything is mobile, must be connected and update status online immediately. Nobody needs to think where or how to connect any more, connection everywhere and always became our inherent need.

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Latest technologies

When delivering a project we always use the latest available technologies in area and line scan cameras, modern laser scanners, networking and server environments, mobile computers, positioning devices, energy saving LED lights.

Using off-the shelf rather than proprietary equipment we immediately switch to the newest release hardware components and software modules. This ensures a solution that is well protected, high performing and eco-friendly – consuming less energy. Universal off-the-shelf components are easy to upgrade or replace in the future without the need to change or upgrade infrastructure – this secures your investment for a decade and longer.

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Wireless connectivity

Mobile connectivity is a critically important infrastructure component of today’s container terminals. 802.11ac standard MESH WiFi, Super WiFi provides highest data throughput and security, while 4G LTE networks are utilized as backup or primary networks.

Using advanced business process management systems with distributed computer infrastructure and IoT smart networks requires reliable and fast wireless connectivity. We design, deliver, and commission new latest-generation networks to demanding territories. We also offer troubleshooting and improvement services for existing networks.

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Challenging environments 

Container terminals operate 24x7 in any conditions. All solutions delivered to port are expected to work reliably and withstand any environmental conditions from freezing cold to extreme heat, dry deserts to heavy rains and cyclones.

By serving customers north to south, east to west we deliver only the toughest devices and components to withstand the most challenging environmental conditions. We guarantee very low failure rate during the first 3 to 5 years of operation – in many cases our standard warranty term is 3 years.

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Vehicle computers

Nowadays, vehicle-mounted computers are powerful integration machines, managing data collection and transfer to management systems (crane PLC data, position, VGM sensors, driver identification, any other sensors or input devices on the crane).

Powerful, flexible, unlimited Windows 10 OS machines is our standard. All extremely rugged, with new generation PCT touch screens, LED backlite sunlight readable screens, several simultaneous connectivity options. Various form factors with 7 to 15 inch screens, mounted with simple removal or key locked vehicle docs.

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Rugged tablets 

The operator can perform regular routine tasks anywhere in the terminal – send email to the customer straight from the rail terminal while standing in front of the desired container, take pictures and store to the server or TOS directly from the work location.

Rugged mobile tablets with 7 to 10 inch screens make operators extremely mobile. Latest technology mobile processors enable office tasks to be carried out in the field, while ultra-low power consumption and powerful batteries mean long working time. WiFi and mobile 4G LTE connectivity give even more flexibility.