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AUTEPRA  is an IT systems integrator, delivering IT and Automation projects for container terminals and ports. Our team deliver turn-key solutions including analysis, design, consultation, management, production, build, connection, training and support.


Over a long period of operation since 2005 we have gained invaluable competence and experience. Working with our customers – container terminals from north to south – our products and solutions are ready to withstand various climatic conditions from freezing cold (-30 deg C in the Europe north) to extreme heat (+54 deg C in Iraq). From dry deserts to heavy rains and cyclones in Africa and to Middle East and Pacific islands.

Our attitude and attention to customer, flexibility and speed during and after the project are well reflected with long term multi-project relations with our Customers.

Working with us you will be guaranteed to work with a professional team and responsibly selected partners – world leading solution providers.


Our markets



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Adriatic Gate Container Terminal

Adriatic Gate j.s.c. was founded on 11th September 2001 as a subsidiary company of Luka Rijeka dd. International Container Terminal Services Inc. ( ICTSI ) entered the ownership structure on 15th April 2011 as a strategic partner with a concession for 30 years, ie until the year 2041. Thereafter the brand name Adriatic Gate Container Teminal is in usage.

Advance Container Terminal

 KCT was the pioneer of container handling in Klaipeda Port and still maintains the leading position in the market. Today KCT handles 54% of all containers shipped through Klaipeda and holds about 26% container market share in the region. KCT container terminal is second largest among similar terminals in the Baltic States in terms of throughput. Total capacity of the two terminals is 4 million tonnes of various cargo per year .


Baltic Container Terminal
Gdynia, POLAND

With a annual handling capacity of 750.000 TEUs, and a potential capacity of 1.2m TEUs, the Port of Gdynia's Baltic Container Terminal (BCT) is the leading container terminal in Poland and one of the largest in the Baltic region.

Baltic Container Terminal

Baltic Container Terminal Limited (BCT) is a privately owned container terminal operating within Free Zone of Riga Freeport. Mariner S.p.A. of Italy have acquired the full shareholding interests in BCT. BCT today is one of the fastest growing shipping terminals in the Baltics in terms of container throughput thanks, in part, to its status as the leading entry point from the Baltic states to the important Russian market.


Batumi Internationl Container Terminal

Batumi International Container Terminal (BICT) is the only one maritime container terminal in Georgia where containers are handled and stored at the same location.
With present capacity of 100K TEU, which is easily extendable to 400K TEU, BICT represents preferred solution for container transportation to and from Caucasus and Central Asia region.

Basra Gateway Terminal
Umm Qasr, IRAQ

In April 2014, ICTSI, through wholly owned subsidiary ICTSI (M.E.) JLT, signed a contract with General Company for Ports of Iraq to operate, develop, and expand the container handling facilities at the Ports of Umm Qasr in Iraq. ICTSI will manage, operate and rehabilitate the port´s existing facility at Berth 20, and build a new container and general cargo terminal.


Napoli, ITALY

CO.NA.TE.CO., Consorzio Napoletano Terminal Containers, was founded in 1995, controlled by Marinvest srl. Today it is the largest terminal operator in the Port of Naples and the fourth in Italy. The favorable geographical position in the heart of Mediterranean Sea, places the  Port of Naples and, in particular, CO.NA.TE.CO. terminal, in the middle of international trade routes, so to represent one of the main links between North and South Europe.

DCT Gdansk
Gdansk, POLAND

DCT Gdansk is Poland’s largest and fastest growing container facility, and the only deep-water terminal in the Baltic Sea Region having direct ocean vessel calls from the Far East. Located in the heart of the Baltic in the Port of Gdansk, DCT is the most Eastern facility in the Gdansk – Le Havre range.


Everest Kool Solutions

Everest Kool Solutions is an emerging public refrigerated warehouse (“PRW”) business. Everest is focused on providing third party logistics services offering accurate, timely and cost effective solutions to its customers.

Groupe Noumea Port SAS

Groupe Noumea Port is a stevedoring company based in New-Caledonia. Merger of 2 historical stevedoring companies working in the port of Noumea, SOFRANA NC and MANUCAL, GNP has a valuable expertise in all types of traffics and goods, containerized as well as breakbulk. Divided into 2 main divisions, vessel operations and yard management, GNP offers a wide variety of port services to its customers. With nearly 50 000 containers handled per year using 3 mobile shore cranes and a modern fleet of 12 heavy load yard machines, our company is one of the key players of its sector for all kind of operations.


International Container Terminal Services

International Container Terminal Services, Inc. (ICTSI) is in the business of acquiring, developing, managing and operating container ports and terminals worldwide. Established in December 1987 in the Philippines, ICTSI has become a leading operator, innovator and pioneer in its field.

Klaipeda Container Terminal

Klaipeda Container Terminal is third-largest stevedoring company in the Port of Klaipeda. Founded 24 years ago, the company now handles about 12% of all dry cargo cargo shipped through Klaipeda over 60 % of containers.


Klaipedos Smelte